What is Nordic Hack Day?

The Nordic Hack Day is a 24 hour innovation, programming and product development event, focusing on bringing the best talent from the technology teams at each of the Nordic public broadcasters together to give each other inspiration, and develop the best ideas across our development organisation.

The Nordic public broadcasters have a strong tradition for collaboration and co-production. We want to continue this tradition of collaboration also on digital platforms.

We believe we have much to learn from each other, and that there is much to gain from collaborating to create new and innovative solutions.

Nordvision has made Nordic Hack Day possible by a financial contribution.

Iceland: Come for the Hackday – Stay for the cheap beer

RÚV is happy to welcome our Nordic friends to Reykjavik this November for the Nordic Hackday.


The event will take place at Hotel Natura, located just off-centre it gives great access while still being close to nature. We will do our best to make you feel welcome, both during the vent and before and/or after if you decide to sneeak in some extra days in Iceland.


We will arrange a meet-and-greet on Wednesday evening with some food and drinks. That will give us a great opportunity to mingle, form groups and perhaps even decide on some projects.

The formal hackathon will start on Thursday at 9am and end on Friday at 9am. We will then have an hour to present our projects and give feedback.


The event is made possible with a generous grant from Nordvision. RUV will pay for one hotel night, dinner on Wednesday and Thursday plus lunch, snacks and refreshments during the event. We will also send out a survey to participants on possible further activities on Friday and even Saturday. Depending on participation we might be able to organize lunch on Friday at one of the gaming or tech firms in Reykjavik.

- The list of participants from each broadcaster should preferably be handed over to RÚV by mid-October at the latest. Participant info should include any allergies, food preferences etc., arrival date and departure date with flight info if possible.

- RÚV will give that list to Hotel Natura so the companies will not need to contact the hotel themselves to book rooms.

Who can participate?

Developers, designers, interaction designers, product owners and all competencies who are normally part of a cross-functional development team, from all five broadcasters, are invited to meet and participate.

Theme and projects

The Icelandic hackathon will not have a specific theme but we encourage you all to think about projects that have a co-Nordic flavour and reflect missions for public broadcasters. Covering major events is an example of that mission. Having said that we welcome all suggestions right up until the start of the event on Thursday morning.

Jump right in and send us a theme or a project proposal!

Any questions?

If you have further questions please contact me or our Head of Software Development, Gísli Thormar, who can answer any technical questions you might have.