What is Nordic Hack Day?

The Nordic Hack Day is a 24 hour innovation, programming and product development event, focusing on bringing the best talent from the technology teams at each of the Nordic public broadcasters together to give each other inspiration, and develop the best ideas across our development organisation.

The Nordic public broadcasters have a strong tradition for collaboration and coproduction. We want to continue this tradition of collaboration also on digital platforms.

We believe we have much to learn from each other, and that there is much to gain from collaborating to create new and innovative solutions.

Nordvision has made Nordic Hack Day possible by a financial contribution.

When is Nordic Hack Day?

This year the second Nordic Hack Day will take place in Oslo, Norway, April 28-29, 2016. The event will officially start at 10:00 on the 28th, and finish at 16:00 on the 29th. We’ll continue the successful format from last year, learning from the experience and continuously improving to make this year’s hack day even better than last year. Hosting this year is NRK.

We’ll be situated at the Voksenåsen conference center, 20 minutes away from NRK’s headquarters at Marienlyst and with a beautiful view of the city centre.

Who can participate?

Developers, Designers, Interaction designers, all competencies who are normally part of a cross functional development team, from all five broadcasters, are invited to meet and participate.

Each company may invite 10 participants. We aim to have fully equal gender participation, so please invite five men and five women. Managers and other stakeholders are invited to participate in a demo session in the afternoon of day 2.

All cost in regards to meals and stay at the conference center is covered as part of the Hack Day. Each organisation must cover their own travel expenses to Oslo and back again.

Planning and preparation

This year we want to have a slightly stronger connection to our respective strategies and goals when preparing for the Hack Day.

We want to invite stakeholders from each of our nordic product development organisations to propose topics of strategic importance, and select 5 topics for the hack day, to focus our creative work coming up with interesting projects.

Planning step 1: Agree on topics

During March we aim to facilitate the proposal of relevant of useful topics for the hack days. The stakeholders from each product development organisation will be involved in this. The Goal is to select up to 5 topics by the end of march.

Planning step 2: Hack Day project brain storming and tentative team formation

Starting of a month before the Hack Day we aim to invite all participants to brainstorm and add suggestions for exciting hack day project with common denominators.

In the weeks leading up to the Hack Day we want to shape and lead a process for consolidating and select the best of breed projects to include the hack day.

Is there a theme?

What you and your Nordic colleagues come up with must be designed to be used freely by the participating public service broadcasters. Apart from that, you call all the shots!

Pitching your idea

You can pitch your own ideas in the Trello board or simply tag along with someone else’s idea. We will allow for some brainstorming time at the beginning of the hack day, followed by a small pitch on stage where you tell us about your idea.